Sound Installation

ABBILDUNG has also some live material released as “Live Brussels” that was part of an installation. This release contains the 5.1 surround sound capture of the live event which took place at Q-O2 soundart organization in Brussels as part of residency in 2012. It also contains the stereo mix of it and 10 tracks of unaltered field recordings from Sibiu and Brussels (tracks published under C.fieldechoes, the project dealing with field recordings).

The concept of the installation was the “Transiental City”. “There are certain and essential manifests at the frontier of form and function of sound that requires a deeper exploration…” this was the motto that we had in mind when tried to implement the transiental soundscapes concept through the phonography and sound installation. Sound was generated from 4 points in the room by mini-disc players and by a laptop. Like in a chaotic system, an entropy factor was deliberately introduced by the loose synchronization of the sound sources. Still the final result is full of life and acting, at a perceptive level, like a whole. For the best listening experience is advisable to have the 4 speakers at about 7 meters away of each other.

As part of sounds of Europe project I curated the month of Romanian sounds. The entry here with details also from the residency space at Q-O2.

C.fieldechoes can be listened also on